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11883* - Ihr Office Partner

you intend to outsource your office work and look for an around the clock service for your customers?
we will answer all incoming calls on your behalf

your advantages

we offer a reliable round the clock service, 24 hrs , 365 days a a year

we will keep your back free to enable you to take care of the relevant things.

we ensure a 100% receipt of order since your success is our future

we grant a professional performance as per your interest since your visiting card is our order

we support you worry-free and spontanousely even in short term lack of personell, holiday or illness.

All necessary parameter for your processes will be implemented to our system fast and easy .

we offer fair and very resonable condtions since you pay the service to the second. That means you only pay the time we are active for you .Compare us!

we are operating with the latest techincal equipment in order to provide the best voice communication at a maximum speech quality .

we are a successful established brand at the callcenter market for more than 10 years already.

11883* - Ihr Office Partner

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our reasonable prices

basic price

0,90 €/Min.

  • second-exact billing
set up charge 0,00 €
basic charge 0,00 €
call cost per second (second-by-second timing) 0,015 €
Call Forwarding per second (second-by-second timing) 0,015 €
sms per sms 0,09 €
fax per fax 0,09 €
E-mail to your customer per e-mail 0,09 €
E-Mail to you free


we shall be pleased to submit an individual offer to you in case 1200 minutes per billing period are exceeded.

any questions regarding our prices?


11883 Telecom GmbH
Friedrich-Krupp-Str. 16-18
41564 Kaarst

   0800 - 66 555 77
   02131 - 51 29 719
  0800 - 66 555 77
call toll-free and receive information without obligation


we shall be pleased to submit an individual offer to you in case your customer calls should exceed 1200 minutes per billing period .

notification by sms

you will be charged with 9 cent per sms (max. 160 signs) sent to you or your customer

fax notifications

you will be charged with 9 cent per fax page sent to you or your customer

email notifications

the email has been sent to you free of charge. The emails sent to your customers will be charged with 9 cent each.

set up charge

we do not charge any set up fees

basic charge

we do not charge any basic fee

billing period

the billing period starts with the first utilization of the chargable service and ends after 30 days.

11883* - Ihr Office Partner

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application expamples

11883* - Ihr Office Partner – also for your branch of trade?

our offer applies across all sectors we will support you in all areas where inquires need to be outsourced temporarily or even constantly. Our secretarial office will take care of your requirements individually and quickly.


Increasing your availability so that you can complete your work in peace

you are often on construction sites or visitng your customers? While you are on the road we will competently answer your calls. so you can completely focus on your daily agenda.


support during personnel bottlenecks and holidays in order that a time out does not slow you down

especially within the serivce industry customers request a fast and personal clarification of their inquiries In case of personnel bottlenecks due to illness or holidays we will support you energetically in your daily business.

health and care

personal assistance at any time to ensure that priority is put on the most important things.

11883* - Ihr Office Partner will take care and answer your calls while you can completely focus on your patients We will support you as carefully and attentively as you do every day.


relief of your employees to ensure that your customer remains a king

In order to follow customer requests also within your closing hours we will take care of your telephone requests and reservations and forward these onto you then. we shall also be pleased to answer your calls during your opening hours in order to enable you to pay complete attention to your customers.

real estate

quick help for your tenants in order that the peace of the house is not disturbed/h4>

provide around the clock availability to your tenants in order to limit damages we support property managements as well as landlords in order to forward urgent queries directly to the appropriate emergency service or janitor.

11883* - Ihr Office Partner

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