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central phone

11883* - Ihr Office Partner will answer calls on your behalf, obtain all necessary data and then forward this onto you. It goes without saying the we put our utmost importance to give your customers a warm welcome
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reprensentation, vacation or temporary replacement,

are you having personnel bottlenecks? Are you or your employees often on the road, on holidays or maybe ill? 11883* - Ihr Office Partner will assist you as individually as you request it.

you may book 11883* - Ihr Office Partner as per your individual needs You will receive a 100% complete backing from day one onwards from our side. Due to our simple price model you will only be charged for the period that is activated.

relief of your secretarial office

we shall be pleased to support your existing secretarial office either in the early morning , during lunchtime or even late in the evening. or if your secretary is simply in need of some relief in case the day-to-day business requires all of her attention that is how 11883* - Ihr Office Partner is also assisting your secretary to focus on more relevant duties.

11883* - Ihr Office Partner

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11883* - Ihr Office Partner

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